Jack loves Curious George (interesting reading there on Wikipedia).  He was first introduced to him by Joe who, in a fit of desperation while home on a rainy day, turned on the television to see the little monkey making mistakes and learning how to fix them.  I personally cannot stand to watch Curious George.  It stressed me out to see the monkey making mistakes!  No, George, you’re throwing away The Man’s hat!  Ack!

This same desperation also took Joe and Jack to where they spend time playing George-themed games (well, Joe plays while Jack watches).  He particularly loves the paint game and the “Feed Gnocchi” game.

While we were in Wisconsin, Joe’s aunt gave Jack a cute outfit with George on the shirt.  This is Jack’s favorite shirt, and he will carry it around with him when he finds it in the laundry.  If we dress him in the shirt with a jacket over it, we must leave the jacket unzipped enough so that he can see George at all times.  He then points to his shirt a million times a day and exclaims with wonder, “George!”  If we take the shirt away, or turn off the computer games, he chants “more George!  more George!”  He pronounces it with a slight French accent.

I suppose I will be buying some George-themed items for Jack’s birthday this year.  I am not entirely sure why Curious George appeals so much to him, but it sure beats Barney!

3 thoughts on “George”

  1. Out of all the cartoons my 3 year old has watched, I actually don’t mind Curious George – no annoying songs to get stuck in my head, no whiny cartoon voices. And it does actually have good stuff in it, for a TV show! My daughter would LOVE a George shirt! 🙂

  2. My older brother was obsessed with Curious George when he was a kid – he carried his C.G. doll with him everywhere, even after the music box inside of it broke and one of the eyes fell out and the shirt became ragged. My mom still buys him Curious George cards for his birthday. I agree – much better than Barney. George is a classic!

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