One of those mornings

The last two nights Jack has slept pretty poorly, and then this morning was kind of a disaster.  Joe is working on the peninsula today and tomorrow, which means an early departure and the morning drop-off is left to me.  Last night Jack went to bed late and he didn’t take it well when I woke him up at 7:15 this morning (bedtime was close to 10pm last night!).  He cried, thrashed while I tried to dress him, and said “No!” over and over when I put his shoes on.  No way was I able to get a coat on him.  He did cheer up a bit when his monkey puppet (which he only took a liking to when Curious George came into his life) hugged and “hoo hoo ha ha’ed” at  him, so I was able to get him out of the door and down the hall to the elevator.

As I was waiting for the elevator that goes to the garage and holding Jack, I felt warmth spread against my hip and his jeans under my hand grew damp (apparently a Swaddlebees can’t hold a toddler’s first morning pee despite the hemp insert, either that or it was wicking which does not bear thinking!).  I quickly set him down so that his diaper didn’t leak all over my work clothes, but had no time to run back to the apartment to change him because I was on a tight schedule to catch my carpool.  Off to daycare we went, and I had to once again wrestle to get him out of the wet diaper and pants and into a fresh set, all while he was thrashing and crying because he knew I’d soon be leaving him.  I was completely shaken by the time I bolted out the door to get to the carpool meeting place because I freak when I can’t soothe my baby’s crying.  Thank goodness his daycare providers are so good with him and completely understanding of rough transitions!

Coincidentally, the carpool was running a tad late.  At least I got time to settle my nerves.

So yeah, it was one of those mornings…generally I try to let Jack wake up on his own and I allow plenty of time for nursing and breakfast because he tends to be in a better mood when those things occur prior to daycare drop-off.  None of that was happening this morning, though.  *sigh*

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