I Need a Muse

Jack is sick again.  He is snotty and coughing and having trouble nursing and sleeping.  I am crossing my fingers that I don’t catch it!  That’s probably hoping for too much.

When he went to bed at 8:30 last night, I decided I would join him just in case we were in for a rough night.  I am so glad I did because he woke up a few times, and couldn’t get back to sleep at the 4am waking.  We went into the living room for a while where he made me color for his entertainment.  This is a common occurrence, and I recently started running out of ideas as to what to draw (when I ask him what I should draw, he responds “More color!”).  Strangely, drawing the same things over and over have made me an even worse artist than I already was.  I have started drawing shapes so now he knows most of them, although he gets hearts mixed up with triangles.  Numbers and letters joined shapes this morning.  I figure if we keep this up he’ll be ready for kindergarten by the end of the year.

We went back to bed at 6am and I got another blessed hour of sleep before getting up for the day at 7.  Tomorrow I’ll probably work from home to take care of the little guy.  I would appreciate any ideas you might have for things I could draw (keeping in mind that I am using broken crayons and have poor skills) or other ideas for keeping him entertained while I also try to work.

3 thoughts on “I Need a Muse”

  1. Does he like puzzles? Those might entertain him.

    You could draw structures (house, school etc. . .), animals (cow, horse, duck, monkey, snake), body parts, food (apple, banana, orange, sandwich), and nature (trees, sun, clouds, grass, flowers). I worked in a kindergarten class so I am trying to think of all the things we asked the kids to draw. That is a start.

  2. There are also websites where you can download and print basic drawings for kids to color. And no, I do not consider that coloring other drawings will stifle a child’s creativity. Try PBS Kids or another chid website.

  3. Ohhh, poor little guy. I think that’s soo cute, coloring in the middle of the night. 🙂 Maybe get a couple cheap coloring books, the $1 kind.

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