Grumble grumble grumble

Daylight Savings must have been developed as a torture method for households with kids.  It’s really, really unfair that we have to go through this schedule shifting twice a year!  I can only imagine how daycares are coping.

Jack went to bed late (inevitably!) last night.  This morning I hid out in the second bathroom drinking coffee while Joe woke and dressed him.  Jack was extremely unhappy to be awake at such an early hour.  I felt terrible for hiding out while Joe did all the work, but we were all on a tight schedule this morning and if I had shown my face it would have meant a good 20 minutes of nursing.  Thank goodness I had that cup of coffee in my hands because otherwise I would have run into the other room to scoop Jack up in my arms to soothe and rock him.  Joe did a wonderful job, though.  It was nice to get the insight into how he went about the morning routine as if I were not there.  He was so sweet and sympathetic to our little boy and Jack was calm by the time they walked out the door.  That part felt good.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long week.  Somehow we have to figure out how to adjust to the time shift and get back in a routine.  I surely wouldn’t mind advice on how to go about that.  I hope you all are having an easier time of it!

2 thoughts on “Grumble grumble grumble”

  1. We preempt the change and start putting him down earlier a few days ahead of time then when the change comes i explained to him that the sun changed it’s place in the sky but we don’t where and when we sleep.

    So I kept him to a really tight schedule, naps etc. all at specific times over the last few days and so far so good. *fingers crossed*

    Then again… he’s almost 2, anything could change at any moment. So we shall see if it worked.

    I think the best is keeping to the same schedule even though the sun changes. He seemed to get that. Blackout shades in his bedroom helps too.

  2. I hate hate hate Daylight Savings and yet this one went by unnoticed. We wiped the kids out on Saturday so come Sunday morning we were pretty much on the new schedule. I don’t know how it happened, really, because Little Red has a history of taking weeks to get over the time change.

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