I’m over here trying to relax

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday!  I was just plain lazy, I think.  I am also fighting off a cold that doesn’t want to go away.  It is all in my chest and it’s bugging the heck out of me.

Jack’s training potty arrived yesterday and I set it up in the bathroom.  He thought it was interesting and enjoyed playing with it but he was not sure what the heck I was trying to do when I sat him on it.  I didn’t expect he would sit right on it and go, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to introduce the idea.  I realized I need to get some diapers that are more conducive to potty learning.  Right now we mostly use FuzziBunz but Jack cannot undo the snaps (which is usually a good thing) and they pull down well without unsnapping.  Anyone have any ideas?  I think I’ll also get a book for him to read about going to the potty.  Not my favorite subject to read about, but Jack loves the book learnin’.

Daycare seems to be going well.  Drop-off is getting easier and Jack is always happy when we pick him up.  He eats well (he loves beans, apparently) and sleeps well there.  He has started learning some Portuguese and even some sign language (his favorite word these days is “more” and he can say it in English, Portuguese, and sign).  The last two days he has played in the sand box, so he comes home covered in sand.  I am not totally happy with that but I know he is having fun.  (It’s just so difficult to get sand out of his hair!)  After all the trouble we went through with finding good daycare, it’s such a relief to have something great that is right down the street.  Yesterday we strolled home in the sunshine.  The only thing is that now we can’t ever move!

Overall things are pretty mellow right now and I’m loving it.  With all the ups and downs over the last year, it’s nice to sit back and relax a bit until the next wave of activity begins.

4 thoughts on “I’m over here trying to relax”

  1. Ohh potty training, how fun. 🙂 I never did find any good diapers for potty training so we just went without a lot. Though he was a t home so the nudity was more acceptable. LOL

  2. It sounds like your antidepressants are working, or meds that you are taking. You sound good, and enjoying life. 🙂 I’m glad. I’m glad he likes the daycare, as do you and Joe. 🙂

  3. Our potty training book was “My Big Boy Potty” by Joanna Cole (ill. Maxie Chambliss) Little Red still asks to read it, although he’s been out of daytime diapers for nearly a year. I would suggest camping out at Barnes and Noble or something and reading through their collection (all in one area!) to find one that you feel the least icky about, since it’s something you’ll be reading over and over and over and over and over and . . .

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