Parenting Solo

Joe left yesterday to fly to Tennessee to visit his friend Johnny.  He will be gone until Saturday, so I am basically a single parent until then.  Oooh, fun.

Jack and I did well on our own last night.  I have learned, though, that I am not a fun bath-giver.  We usually have to coax him out of the bath when Joe is the one administering but with me Jack was demanding to get out after 10 minutes.

We had a nice conversation with Joe when he called in the evening.  I got Jack to tell his daddy he misses him and “I wanna rock!”  Joe was charmed, of course.

Dinner was less of an ordeal than it usually is, and I think this has something to do with the lack of distractions.  Joe is glued to the Simpsons every night and Jack wants to be, as well.  Last night the TV did not get turned on once, and Jack sat in his rocking chair pushed up against an end table and ate his dinner happily.  It could have been a fluke.  I suppose we’ll find out tonight!

On the flip side, Jack has been pickier and clingier at daycare this week.  This is either a sign that he is settling in or he could be coming down with something.  Let’s hope for the former.

3 thoughts on “Parenting Solo”

  1. You can do it solo!
    I love, love, love my husband, and I love how much he helps out. But I must confess that bedtime on the nights he is gone seem to go smoother and take less time than the nights he is home (and certainly better than the nights that I am gone! hee hee) Little Red eats better without his Dad worrying about consumption. 🙂

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  3. Since my man’s a firefighter, I do my own little (temporarily) single mama thing about three times a week. Sometimes its great. Other times, I can’t wait until he gets back the next morning.

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