The blogging parent’s dilemma

I’ve been out of the blogging habit for the last couple of weeks while I’ve been addressing my depression.  I have a lot going on between therapy (x3), a managing depression class, and making some little changes so that I can be the person I feel I am.  Not to mention that I am still working full time, and being a wife and a mother.

It has felt nice to put the computer on the back burner and push aside any guilt about the lack of writing.  Still, I want to chronicle all that is going on with Jack.  He is changing so much every day, growing up before my eyes.  His energy is so big and so consuming that is it hard to describe or even find time to document.  Just as our little family figures out a routine and settles in, Jack pulls out another new trick and shakes things up again.  My life is constantly in motion now and I don’t want to miss it…but I also don’t want to forget it.

I’ll am trying to find a new balance.  Maybe I won’t be as involved in the internet life but I’m happy to say that I will be more involved in my little boy’s life.

2 thoughts on “The blogging parent’s dilemma”

  1. Just a suggestion: maybe you can post pictures of Jack taken during your interactions with him, and write a brief caption for each photo. That way you can chronicle his development without having to sit and write so much- more like a photo essay of his life. And you’ll have more time to enjoy with him.

  2. Suggestion? Lists.
    Don’t pressure yourself with a full-blown entry of what he’s doing. Don’t think about who may read it other than your future self.
    Sit down and say:
    “This week Jack:
    (said adorable this/that)
    (More cuteness)
    (ate blah blah blah for the first time)

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