Big Plans

This is pretty huge.  I hope you all can appreciate how huge it is.  I know it may not sound like that big of a deal but to me it feels like someone handed me a million dollars.  I brought it up to Joe a few weeks ago.

Me: How would you feel about me taking a weekend trip by myself?

Joe: I would feel fine with that.

Me: Really?

Joe: Yeah.  It’s gotta happen some time.

So, it’s official.  My plane ticket has been purchased.  Arrangements have been made.  My first overnight trip away from Jack since he was born 21 months ago is set.  I will be two states away from my family for 3 days and 3 nights.  Maybe I’ll even get to sleep through one of those nights!

There is a little niggling doubt that jabs me every now and then and suggests I’m being selfish for wanting this time away.  I’m pushing that aside, though, and focusing on the fact that self-care is important.  I have neglected myself far too long and my family has suffered because of it.  This is not just for me; my mental health also affects Joe and Jack.

So I’m nervous, but mostly excited.  This is a big step for us all.  I’m not expecting things to go completely smoothly, but I would not be totally surprised if things were just fine without me, either.  After all, Jack has two parents for a reason, right?  Joe is a fantastic father and this will be a wonderful opportunity for the two of them to find a groove of their own.

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