A Toddler and a Baby

We got a chance last night to see what it would be like to have two young children.  Joe and I babysat our 5 month old niece for a few hours while her parents got out for their first post-baby date night.  It was an interesting experiment, for sure.

The night started off with the little chica getting upset when her mama handed her over to me.  None of my baby soothing skills were working to assuage the separation anxiety, so my SIL took over the calming effort and rocked her daughter to sleep.  SIL and BIL left soon after, but the nap only lasted about 20 minutes and then there was a bit more squawking.  Joe flexed his baby whispering skills and the little one settled into a nap in his arms (I never realized how sexy it is to watch a handsome man calming a crying infant, let me tell ya!); the second nap lasted 1.5 hours!  During this time, I kept Jack busy (and tried to keep him quiet) while also preparing dinner.  Once the little one awoke, we tag teamed feeding time and then it was back to Uncle Joe because Aunt Crystal is apparently not the cool one.  I did get a few smiles as long as I was not holding her or making any sudden movements.

Jack did really well sharing us.  He tried to help by providing bottle, pacifier, or calming pats to his cousin’s head.  It was quite adorable, as were the many kisses he showered upon her and us.  The less-fun things involved him squealing loudly during naptime and insisting on doing whatever the baby was doing (nursing while she received a bottle, being held lots).  It felt like Joe and I were two single parents on a play date in an unfamiliar setting.

It was a really interesting experience and while we enjoyed caring for our niece and giving our family members a little break, we also realized that we definitely aren’t ready for two kids full time.  We’d like more time to enjoy the little freedoms we’ve gotten accustomed to with our toddler before adding to the mix.

We were thanked profusely for babysitting our niece.  This afternoon while lunching with my BIL, I expressed to him my appreciation for providing the motivation to (after 21 months of hemming and hawing on my part) start that pack of birth control pills sitting neglected in the medicine cabinet.  Many, many thanks, J&S!  🙂

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  1. My ped says it takes a full two years to physically recover from pregnancy, and that once you’ve made it past that point, your hormones and libido finally settle back to normal. It seems nature is trying to keep us from having two kids too close together! Its too hard!

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