More than Words

Jack has been speaking in sentences for months but for the most part they were either two word sentences or copied from Joe or me (“Ca’have please?”).  Recently he has started to use pronouns, adjectives, and he has been changing words out of his standard vocabulary to suit different situations.  “I like it” became “I want it” and then evolved to “I want other side please.”  This weekend as we were driving around Humboldt, he pointed out the window and said “Trees!  Tall trees!  I like trees!”  He has also figured out that the opposite of more is “no more.”  Witnessing his growing understanding of language is fascinating.  We are there to supply the tools but his mind is doing all the work of figuring out how to use them.  We are constantly being surprised by his language skills.

I believe I have mentioned that Jack’s daycare providers are Brazilian and speak both English and Portuguese to the kids.  Jack is quickly learning all kinds of words that Joe and I are clueless about (since we know only limited amounts of Spanish and French, and no Portuguese!).  Luckily Jack is starting to ask for things in multiple languages to make sure he gets his point across.  It totally cracked me up the first time I heard him ask for “mais” when I didn’t provide the response he was looking for to “more.”

2 thoughts on “More than Words”

  1. As I was reading this post a familiar phrase came from my radio. . . “More than words was all I ever needed you to show.” This cracked me up!

  2. This sounds like such a fun stage! My friend’s son is starting to talk a lot more. Truthfully, I don’t always understand what he wants, but today he said Apple very clearly!

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