Rockabye: From Wild to Child (& giveaway)

I attended a book reading last night at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland.  One of my favorite blog writers, Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child and’s Straight From the Bottle, has released her first book entitled Rockabye: From Wild to Child.  I devoured the first few chapters yesterday before attending the reading, and I was completely engrossed.

Even though her story is different from mine, as all aspects of my pregnancy were planned out way ahead of time, her story resonates with me.  She describes so well the feelings of a woman who abruptly switches gears in her life and questions her identity as she transitions to the role of mother.  Planned pregnancy or not, parenthood feels like the first time you are thrown into a pool when you don’t know how to swim – you have to act on instinct and do your damnest to stay afloat as the water tries to suck you down.  Surviving is more important in the moment than doing a perfect job!

I love Rebecca’s depiction of her relationship with her husband, as well.  At the reading last night she described how difficult it was to remember why she fell in love with her husband amid the chaos of new parenthood.  I doubt anyone is able to anticipate how their relationship with their partner will change when the family expands, and I share her amazement over the enduring marriages of her parents and grandparents.  I have found it difficult at times to push aside the mama bear and remember that my husband is on my team – that it is not all up to me to protect and nourish our son.

I highly recommend this book (and Rebecca’s blog) to any new parent, but especially those out there who struggle with the new identity that comes along with motherhood.  I think there is something in this book for all of us parents, not the least of which is a feeling that we aren’t alone in the struggles and celebrations that come along with creating life.

Rebecca was completely charming and absolutely delightful to meet.  I personally love how much she curses, and laughed heartily when she explained that her son’s limited vocabulary is heavily laden with curse words.  Maybe it’s a California girl thing, maybe it’s a young mom thing, or maybe it’s just our stubborn refusal to give our pre-baby selves up completely.  Whatever it is, I love it.  I will cherish my signed copy of her book, in which she wrote:

Ewok Mama, you are wild and wonderful and rockin’!!  All my love to you and kisses for Jack.  Love always, Rebecca

Rebecca Woolf is currently touring the west coast to promote her book; see her schedule here.  For you local bay area folks, you can see her in San Francisco tonight at 7:30pm!

Contest time!  Leave a comment to tell me a little something about your transition to motherhood (or planned transition!) and win a free copy of the book!  (Winner will be chosen at random.  Contest ends 4/30/08.)

7 thoughts on “Rockabye: From Wild to Child (& giveaway)”

  1. that book looks good. my transition has been a road of ups and downs. I was never one of those girls who had to be a mommy. With the hard times has been joy. I would not trade any of it. I love Nolan more then I ever knew I could.

  2. sounds like you had a blast! and she sounds cool….
    i wish i had been able to go, but GDI (goddammit) i just can’t pick up and do things on the fly anymore. with TheBug around and me running shuttle service for J to and from the train station, everything needs to planned well in advance.

    ironic… that’s probably one of the aspects of my pre-baby life i really miss. being able to just GO and not have to set up a schedule in order to do something as simple as attend a book signing.

    oh pleh…

    on the other hand, i keep trying to remember that the time when TheBug is small and wants to be with mom ALL THE TIME is fleeting. before i know it, she’ll be up and around and running away… and she’ll never want to be held and kissed and cuddled again as much as she does now.

  3. It was SO awesome meeting you! What a dear you are and thank you so much for your kind words. It was so awesome meeting your men as well. Lots of love and hope our paths cross again, soon!


  4. I think I must be some kind of freak because I did not find the transition to motherhood particularly jarring. I’m struggling now, two years later, but that is just as much to do with other factors as it is with being a parent. I am weird.

  5. I’m so jealous! I love reading Rebecca’s blog, though I never comment because she intimidates me. LOL

    I’m hoping to get a copy of her book to read this summer. We were pretty much wild and carefree, then a completely unplanned pregnancy flipped our worlds upside down. I think we’re still in transition. LOL

  6. My transition to parenthood went really smoothly (minus the infertility thing). My firstborn signed for the potty at 16 months and shocked me by peeing, at a little after 2 he asked for his own “cozy bed” and transitioned beautifully, he weaned himself (I think I left you another comment that said I was ready to “ween” and while I like their music, it’s not what I meant!). I don’t say this to brag but to set up how having a second has completely knocked me on my tuckus.

    My having a second child has really thrown my game. He’s a different kid. Lovely to be sure but totally humbling. I’m not the hot shot parent I once thought I was. He’s almost 2 and I’m still trying to regain my footing and figure out how to be a an effective parent for him.

    I’d love to read about someone else’s parenting struggles and joys.

    Glad I found your blog. Cheers, Tracey

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