First Trip Away

My trip went well – better than I could have expected, really.  My boys made me proud!  Jack ate well, slept well, behaved well, and was incredibly adorable on the phone with me.  His face lit up when I arrived home yesterday!  It feels so good to know that the household can survive if I go away for a few days (except for the part where Joe’s job went bye bye, but that wasn’t completely unexpected).

The weather in Washington was sunny and beautiful.  Beth sent her husband to San Francisco so we could have a girl’s weekend, so we stayed up late and attempted to sleep in (apparently parenthood has destroyed my ability to sleep past 8am, though).  We went to a tulip festival, shopped at some outlets, treated ourselves to pedicures, watched a sappy movie (Waitress – very cute!), attended high tea, and strolled around Pike Place Market.  There was a lot of good food and special treats, too.  Fabulous!

I missed Joe and Jack so much while I was away.  As I sat in the airport waiting to board the plane that would take me away from them, I had to leave the gate briefly when a baby started crying because it was just too much for me in my nervous state.  I felt better as the weekend went by and Joe informed me that things were going well, but there were so many times when I wished that Jack was there to see the tulips or the space needle or the kitten playing in Beth’s backyard.

I wondered if Jack might decide to wean himself while I was away but, as I suspected, the first word out of his mouth when he saw me was “milk.”  And though he had gone to sleep just fine without nursing the previous 3 nights, he absolutely wanted to nurse to sleep last night.  I didn’t mind at all because it gave me a chance to snuggle and kiss him and remind my senses of all that I missed about my little boy.

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