A Mother’s Day Revelation

Yesterday was one of those not-so-fun type of parenting days.  Jack was in the midst of Terrible Twodom (and yeah, he’s not 2 yet!).  Fits galore, making it difficult to even get out of the house for my brunch (damn it, I was having my brunch even if I had to go by myself!!!).  Jack is too strong for me to handle when he is in a fit, so Joe had to take over trying to get him in the carseat.  There was no way to entice him to sit down (usually a bribe works, or a forbidden object such as a cell phone) so Joe had to pin him down while I helped buckle the straps.  All because Jack wanted to stand in the carseat and yell at the back of the car.  😛

Brunch was great.  I got a free mimosa and delicious gingersnap pancakes.  Jack was entertained by his crayons and coloring book, ate well (including eggs, which he usually disses) and I felt so happy.  This is the part of the day I will try to keep foremost in my memory!

We spent the day at BIL & SIL’s so that Joe could help Justin put together a gazebo.  Jack was running around everywhere and getting into everything so he went from banging on the window to playing with the wine rack to giving himself power bombs on the bed to snatching his uncle’s cell phone to stealing his cousin’s toys…worn out, I fell asleep putting him down for a nap in the afternoon.

Dinner was fabulous, as was dessert (I had two helpings, yum!).  SIL is an awesome cook!  Afterward, Jack started to completely melt  down.  We got out of there when he started chanting “I want I want I want I want” over and over, wrestled him into the carseat again, and headed home.  Jack flipped out some more there, and started hitting me with fists and books.  When I told him not to hit me, that it hurt, to give hugs instead, he laughed in my face.  Joe had no more luck.  So infuriating!  I don’t know if this is just a toddler thing, or something he learned at daycare, but my kid hitting me makes me want to cry!  He also kept biting me during nursing and continued to hit when I was trying to put him to sleep.  So my mother’s day gift from my son?  Abuse.

I was amazed when Jack was a baby that he was such a sweet little guy, so unlike me and apparently a little clone of Joe.  I was sure I’d get a sassy, stubborn child that was just like I was as a kid (okay, I’m still like that…).  Alas, it seems that he was just biding his time before showing all his cards.  What scares me most is that no adult was ever able to sway me as a child…so I am facing a littler version of myself and I have no idea what to do.

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Revelation”

  1. on the other hand, he could just grow out of it. i’d like to believe (for your sake) that its just a phase. fundamentally, jack is a loving, warm, and caring little boy. i just think he is going through a stage where everything is about control. perhaps the physical abuse is just a way for him to cope with feeling like he doesn’t have any control over anything… so he beats you to get out his frustrations.

    tough mothers day… next year will be better. 🙂

  2. Oh gee, I’m so sorry! If it makes you feel any better my nephew Eli, who will turn two in three weeks, does the same thing. When we were in Minnesota I wanted to go out and eat at all these places because we don’t really have good restaurants here and my sister absolutely refused. Why? Because NO ONE would end up eating but all of us would chase him around the restaurant and try to call him down. I’m very certain it’s just a phase and I hear that boys are more like that than girls. I heard that the book “Happiest Toddler On The Block” is very helpful. I did read “Happiest Baby On The Block” by the same author and he was very helpful; the book got me through the first three months for sure. Hope it gets better!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Owwie. I remember the other month, reading Redneck Mommy’s post about her parents cursing her with, “someday, you’ll have a child Just Like You!” [and how her daughter is becoming quite the teen]. ;p

    Yay mimosa & gingersnap pancakes!

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