22 Months

These days I have pretty much stopped using months to describe Jack’s age.  I usually say “he’s almost two” or “he’ll be two in two months.”  I know lots of folks have trouble with the math past 12 months of age, and the changes Jack goes through from month-to-month are more of a slow transition than they were during that first year of his life when milestones came out of nowhere.  It blows my mind that the second year of Jack’s life is almost complete.  Time really does fly.

My friend Daniella recently wrote a great descriptive post about her daughter and it inspired me to do the same for Jack.  It’s so hard to capture his personality with words; he has such a bright spirit and I often watch him with awe as he is going about his childish tasks.  Still, if I were to describe Jack, I would say he is:

  • fearless – nothing scares him; he recently watched the movie Monsters, Inc. and I feared it might be a little too frightening for him but he thought it was great!  Loud noises, bugs, heights, animals, weather, fire – it’s all interesting to him.
  • goofy – he loves to play jokes, pretend his toys are hiding, get attacked by the “tickle monster”
  • a social butterfly – the easiest way to get him into a good mood is to take him out to a restaurant where he can people watch and flirt with the tables behind him.  He won’t give up until our table neighbors say hello.  He has always been more focused on communication than physical milestones.
  • helpful – he gets excited to assist with laundry, or pull a suitcase down the hallway, or press the “car call” elevator button
  • talkative – he says new things every day, copies our phrases, and when his vocabulary is lacking, he mutters a string of gibberish to make up for it.
  • joyful – he is full of smiles and laughter and his eyes are always sparkling
  • energetic – he can run circles around us, sits straight up in bed in the morning and says “hi mama!”
  • compassionate – he offers toys or pacifiers or pats with his hand to babies in distress
  • stubborn – there is no convincing him sometimes
  • artistic – he colors with wild abandon for HOURS every day
  • musical – he loves watching music videos, demands “more rock” in the car, and goes after daddy’s guitars at every opportunity

  • focused – his brow furrows and he does not give up on the goal
  • easy-going – he is pretty happy just to be participating in whatever is going on
  • tactile – he loves petting the cats and touching warm laundry.  Since he was a baby his first interaction with something new was to rub it or scratch it with his fingernail

It’s so amazing to watch his personality develop more and more every day.  I feel so lucky to have this little boy in my life, so interested to see how he turns out, and so excited about what he is going to do next!

2 thoughts on “22 Months”

  1. Well, it sounds like there’s never a dull day with Jack! What a great little fella. I love his black shirt in the picture; he looks like a mini-Rock Star. Can’t wait to meet him. I will return the compliment and say that I LOVE the way you describe his personality. It would be cool if at the end of every year or so you’d print all the posts such as this one and make a little book for him – he’ll really enjoy it when he grows up and be a dad himself. I’m doing that with emails Josh and I sent back and forth when he was in Iraq (it was our first 7 months of marriage).

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