Emo Jack

Please tell me that my son is acting like a lunatic because he has two molars coming in and not because of his age.  ‘Cause seriously, this needs to end soon.  He is like velcro at the moment – abusive, dramatic, cranky velcro.  Everything is such a big deal!

It MUST be teeth because he doesn’t want to eat much of anything, he only wants to drink copious amounts of milk.  He wanted to nurse earlier in the evening yesterday, then decided to shun my breasts for his straw cup of “chocolate” milk (which in our house is code for regular whole cow’s milk).

He didn’t want to build, or color, or play guitar, or read.  He just wanted me to hold him (and ONLY me) and carry him around.  Which would have been okay if he didn’t start hitting me over the head or smacking me in the face.  Also, it was hot yesterday and he weighs a ton, but I would have held him anyway if he would snuggle with me instead of beating me.

He refused to go to bed until after 10pm, and at that point would not even nurse down.  He instead chose to drink more “chocolate” milk, then flopped around the bed for a good 30-45 minutes before falling asleep.  He was up for the day at 6am.  Oy.

This is just a short phase.  This cannot be the terrible twos.  I mean, the part where he flipped out a few nights ago because Joe insisted that he take his socks and diaper off to get into the bath – that was most definitely a symptom of terrible twos.  But this nutty toddler who has been with us for almost a week now is so unlike my smiley Jack and OMG, the thought of a year of Emo Jack is enough to send me into a fit!

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  1. What I remember reading (and I couldn’t possibly tell you where because I just don’t have a clue) is that the real “terrible twos” are 22-24 months and then again at 2.5 for another developmental spurt. I have NO IDEA if that’s true but since Sam has been a monster since he hit 22 months and will be 24 months on Monday I am CLINGING TO IT FOR DEAR LIFE.

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