Language Explosion

Jack has been a doll since Saturday.  It feels like I have my sweet little boy back!  There are still tantrums, of course, but they have been less frequent and shorter.  Phew!

The video I posted yesterday was one example of Jack’s recent language explosion.  I noticed some big changes this weekend in the way he was communicating and it dawned on me that the recent craziness has a lot to do with new developments.  As we were making our way home from a housewarming party on Saturday, Jack quizzed us as we were driving:

“Do you like daddy?”
“Do you like mama?”
“Do you like stars?”
“Do you like ears?”
“Do you like purple?”

When we said yes, or “I like ears” he would giggle and reply, “Me, too!”  He can also tell us what he doesn’t like, doesn’t want, etc.  He knows how to dialogue!  He repeats everything we say in an attempt to master it.

Joe taught him how to get my attention using different words.  If mama doesn’t get an immediate response, he goes to Crystal (thanks, Joe!) and then mom.  He thinks it’s great fun to call out my various names over and over so I turn to look at him.  I never would have guessed that my toddler would channel his future teenager with the “MoooooOOM!”  He sounds exactly like I did…

Jack has been obsessed with practicing his colors for some time and now has them pretty much mastered.  As we were reading a book about animals last night that asks “which animal makes this sound?” and we looked under the flap for the name, he started naming the color of the printed words.  Silly guy.  Purple (or “peeple”) is his favorite color, but orange is pretty cool, too.

You guys, my kid is awesome!

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  1. Good news! I thought of you yesterday (I think it was yesterday) when Ask Moxie had a big post on toddlers hitting, and the merciful brevity of that developmental stage.

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