Hair for moms

I snuck out to the hair salon on Sunday.  It had been a somewhat frustrating day with Jack refusing to nap (he went the whole day without napping!), and at one point I just decided I need to get out.  I called up the salon and within 10 minutes they were chopping away at my hair.

The thing is, I was not prepared ahead of time.  I had no pictures of what I wanted and my hair had not been cut in a year, so there was no recognizable style for the stylist to touch up.  I did my best to describe what I wanted and she assured me she knew what I had in mind.  I sat back, relaxed, chatted about my little boy, and entrusted her with my hair.  Perhaps I should have talked less about my kid, ’cause in the end I got Mom Hair.

The stylist did a good job considering that I had no picture and basically told her “I want it this length with fringed ends, layered a little bit.”  Yeah, that can mean so many things…so she just missed the mark.  And not only is it Mom Hair, but it’s shaped a bit like a mushroom.

I understand now why moms so often end up with Mom Hair.  You are pressed for time when you’re a parent.  You don’t have the luxury of planning ahead when it comes to your own needs.  It’s harder to make an appointment, harder to find time to search through magazines and websites for the perfect style, harder to speak up when you realize the cut isn’t quite what you wanted because you need to get back home to your family and just want it to be over soon.  And you hope that when you style it (ha ha ha, that is if you have TIME to style it) the cut will look better than the overly-fluffy, curled under look you are showcasing when you head home.  A day later and you realize you really don’t like it but, ugh, it took a year to get into the damned salon and no way do you have time to go back and get it fixed.

Mom Hair – it’s not the hair you want, but the hair you have time for.

3 thoughts on “Hair for moms”

  1. Oh gee, I know what you mean. That’s why I won’t get a hair cut but keep in in a pony tail…the safe way. I want too see a picture. Maybe it doesn’t look as bad as you think and say.

  2. I used to watch “What Not to Wear” and wonder how those women ended up that way, and how they didn’t notice themselves going down hill. Now I know – they had children. They had far more important things to focus on than shopping and their makeup. I’m afraid I’ll end up there myself in a few years.

    I bet your hair looks better than you think it does! I, too, had a big cut – about five inches taken off – recently, and I’m feeling really mixed about it.

  3. HAHHAH – I *TOTALLY* relate to this post. It is soooo true! And it happens to me when I forget to remember to not get ‘mom haired’. My roots are taking over the top of my head as I write…

    Luv the blog!


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