Sand Castle

We had a really great weekend!  On Saturday I took Jack to the beach.  We live across the street from the beach, but I dislike sand and being wet so I rarely go (I know I’m weird).  Our daycare provider called to let me know there was a sand castle contest going on, so off we went!

We didn’t get very far before Jack planted himself down in the sand and started digging with his shovel.  I sat down in the wet sand with him and together we built our first sand castle ever!  We never actually got to see any sand castles other than the one we built because Jack didn’t want to move from the spot he chose.  Still, it was fantastic to be out there in the sunshine with the slight breeze blowing our hair around.

Pictures can be found here.  This one is my favorite.  (Don’t you just love the old school Koolade cup?  I have a pitcher to match.)


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