Don’t blink

Jack’s obsession with monsters has grown exponentially.  A few weeks ago I began using his stuffed monsters to talk to him when he was throwing fits.  He quickly decided to keep those monsters close.  “I have three monsters!” he would proudly proclaim as he walked around the apartment with his arms wrapped around the toys.  Then he would shove one in my direction with a “pleeeeease” and we would make them growl and talk at eachother.

I recently babysat my 7 month old niece Isha.  I had my niece and Jack to myself for about two hours and was quite proud that I came out of it unscathed (with two fed kids with dry butts, no less!).  The evening started off with Jack stealing toys from Isha and making her cry (in his defense, they were his toys) so I ended up distracting him with Monsters, Inc.  Jack is IN LOVE with that movie and, well, so am I (after all, I bought it before Jack was even in the picture).  We ended up watching it twice that night after Jack called for, “More Sully!  More Monsters!”

Most of the drawings on the magnadoodle are monsters now.  Naptime and trips to daycare require accompaniment of at least two monsters.  When denied nursing one day, Jack played out the scenario with his monster: “Want milk,” he growled, and then answered, “No more milk!”

After developing this interest in his stuffed monsters, he started noticing the other stuffed animals hanging around the place.  His elephant and dog beanie babies are now acceptable substitutes for monsters when napping.  He has also taken a liking to what he calls “big mouse” – a hand-stitched stuffed mouse with wool hat, sweater, scarf, shorties, and booties that he received on his first birthday.  He loves the clothes and makes me undress and redress the mouse over and over.  Saturday he even started drawing the mouse on the magnadoodle, so I knew it was real love.

Somehow among all of this he developed an interest in dragons, as well.  When he awoke yesterday morning he requested “Watch teebee, wanna watch dragons.”  I told him I couldn’t promise there were dragons on tv but we turned it on to see what we could see.  Lo and behold, Animalia (which is certainly *my* favorite show but Jack usually shuns it) featured a dragon!  Jack was ecstatic!

Watching Jack’s interests grow and change is exciting.  The simplest of things can propel his mind forward at full speed and the next thing I know, he is in a completely different place than where he started.  Last month he could care less about stuffed animals and now he lines them all up with care, practices conversations with them, and features them in his drawings.  Jack is the most action-packed movie I’ve ever watched and if I blink I will surely miss a miraculous new development!

3 thoughts on “Don’t blink”

  1. It’s great that he has discovered this type of play. It’s obviously helping him work through things (like wanting to nurse, but being denied).

    It is so much fun watching kids develop new interests and ideas. He sounds like such a great kid! 🙂

  2. Andy also loves Monsters, Inc. I am so.freaking.sick. of that movie. Seriously, 2-3 times a day for the last 2 weeks.

    Tonight, while I was putting Alex to sleep and Andy was hanging out with us, he told me “the little monster (that’s what he calls Mike) put the blue hat on and took the cans from the machine” and “the girl (boo) went to the bathroom while the big monster (sully) waited for her and then she was gone and she said AAAAH!”

  3. Get ready for the dinosaur obsession that begins about age four. It is something to go through! I was lucky enough to find a couple of cool dinosaur shirts for my grandson to love while he was in the throes of it.

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