Future birthdays may be a letdown

Jack’s birthday is in less than a month!  We have a costume party planned and there will even be a few kids there.  😀  I am pretty excited, although the only things I’ve accomplished so far are to send out a save-the-date evite and buy Jack’s present:


\"Flying Vee Wee\"

5 thoughts on “Future birthdays may be a letdown”

  1. Awesome! What kind of a costume party is it going to be?

    We’re planning Kitten’s 1st birthday party too – Strawberry Shortcake theme (because we apparently can’t get away from the uber girly stuff). It’s going to be so much fun!!

  2. Laura – it all works! It’s all real, just miniature. Joe had to screw around with the tuning a bit since the frets are closer together but it sounds great!

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