Brusha brusha brusha

After weeks of dealing with nightly struggles over toothbrushing and feeling like even when we were able to brush Jack’s teeth, it wasn’t a thorough cleaning, I decided something had to be done.  I got the bright idea to try one of those toothbrushes with the spinning brush head, so off I went to the store where I found an orange crayon toothbrush.  (It didn’t even occur to me until last night how perfect the design is for Jack – I just chose it because it was the only one without a weird action-figure handle!)  It’s battery-operated and not rechargable, but the price was pretty good for something I wasn’t sure would do the trick.

Jack wasn’t sure about it at first.  Put this vibrating thing in my mouth?  Whaaa?  No way, mom.  I ended up brushing his teeth with the spinning turned off.  The next day, though, Joe and Jack had some sort of breakthrough and Jack was suddenly in love with the spinning toothbrush.  Now he requests to brush his teeth several times a day.  The brushing goes on for a good five minutes, too.  We have to put an end to it, otherwise he will keep going.

Last night, after a good long tooth-cleaning (during which I noticed that he lingered in the place where his molar is erupting), I suddenly heard the buzzing get louder.  Wondering what Jack was up to, I wandered into the bathroom to see that he was using his toothbrush to clean his fingernails!  Well, he’s got the right idea, I guess…

2 thoughts on “Brusha brusha brusha”

  1. Hilarious! Next he’ll be using it on the floor. I just started trying to “brush” Flann’s tiny first three teeth. He does not enjoy the process. How did you start cleaning Jack’s teeth when he was a baby? Was he amenable to it?

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