Soon to be 2

We have about 40 people slated to attend Jack’s birthday party.  What in the world was I thinking inviting all those people?  I guess I forgot that toddler birthday parties are hot spots these days.  I don’t think I’ve ever had 40 people at any of my own birthday parties!  And I distinctly remember at least one birthday where no one showed up.  Alas, I was not popular, folks.

Jack has no idea his birthday is coming.  He doesn’t even know what a birthday is.  We’re trying to teach him to tell us when we ask that he’s 2.  Sometimes he gets it but usually when I ask him how old he is he just repeats my question.  (That’s his new thing, by the way – rather than saying “I want this” for instance, he asks “Do you want this?”  Questions have now replaced statements yet they mean the same thing.)  At least he can tell you that his name is Jack now.

I think I’m mostly nervous that Jack is going to be upset having to share his toys with the other kids.  I had decided not to do favors for anyone because, well, I didn’t think a bunch of toddlers would care.  But now I’m wondering if favors might prevent toy fighting.  Hmm, probably not…

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