Officially Two

I should have written this a week ago.  We are still celebrating Jack’s birthday in our house (at least, birthday presents keep arriving) so I will cut myself some slack and hope you can, too.

Just as I predicted, Jack had no idea what his birthday was about.  He woke up in a horrible mood, hollered through a (short) bath, and then refused to wear his pirate pants.  That is how he ended up at his party late and pantsless.  I didn’t worry too much about it because, hey, isn’t going around pantsless the epitome of two year old behavior?

Despite not knowing it was his day, Jack made the most of it by running around the rec room like a lunatic and trying on everyone else’s costumes (he got to be both a pirate Superman and a witch superman).  He also had a fabulous time tempting fate with the balloons – he loved to lay on them.  One poor little girl spent the entire party with her hands over her ears, terrified that the balloons would pop.

So what can I say about the two year old Jack?  He is not that different, and yet certainly more of a kid and less of a baby.  He no longer has loaf-like feet and chunky toddler legs; instead he is getting long and slim.  Physically, he can run and jump and throw a ball (although it doesn’t go very far), climb stairs, put a shirt on and, of course, draw. 

Jack has started telling his own brand of jokes.  It usually involves our game of “I see…”  For instance, yesterday as we drove to his aunt and uncle’s house in Richmond, we went back and forth naming the things we saw: grandma, grandpa, houses, cars.  Then Jack said he saw pigs and cows and giggled.  His way of saying he is kidding is to scrunch up his face, shake his head and say “No pigs and cows!” 

He recognizes some of the alphabet and can count to three (as in, “I have three monsters!”).  He has a pretty wide vocabulary, speaks in sentences, and has been practicing phrasing.  I often hear him repeating the same sentence over and over with different inflections.

Food continues to be interesting.  Jack will eat a wide variety of things but is pickier on some days than others.  He goes through cycles where he loves a certain food (i.e. baby carrots) and will consume mass quantities every day for a week.  Then he will suddenly decide he wants no more to do with that food!  So far this has happened with tomatoes, cream cheese, yogurt, raisins, grapes, and crackers.

Sleep is fairly decent most of the time.  Naps are 2-3 hours long once we can figure out a way to get him to sleep.  Most nights he is asleep by 10 and wakes up around 7:30.  The last week or so has seen some night waking due to that last 2-year molar but when he’s not teething, we are resting quite comfortably at night.

I’m still amazed that I have a two year old KID.  He has so few babylike behaviors left and it’s insane how quickly it flew by.  I hope I will always remember every moment of joy Jack has brought to my life.  I am so lucky to have him.

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