Bound to happen, I suppose

Yeah, remember that post I wrote about all the carseat rules we learned??  I thought I was on top of it with the carseat.  Between reading the installation instructions for the seat (actually I should say seats because there have been three), debating seatbelt vs. latch, and just trying to get the damned thing in there snugly, I apparently failed to read my car’s manual thoroughly.

Last week when I needed to reinstall Jack’s carseat after it had been moved to another car, it occured to me that the LATCH anchors were spaced a bit far apart for center seat installation.  I double-checked my car manual to be safe and, indeed, I found that we had the freaking carseat installed in our car incorrectly for the past TWO YEARS.  Yeah, all this time I was thinking my car rocked because I could install the seat in the middle with the LATCH (unlike many other vehicles) but, alas, that is not the case.  Oops.

Since I was pressed for time, I just moved the carseat to properly use the outer LATCH anchors rather than trying to figure out installation using the seatbelt to keep the seat in the middle.  It’s not in the preferred position, but it’s in the secure position, so I’ll leave it for now.

Damned complicated carseats and cars and lack of standardized installation!!!

2 thoughts on “Bound to happen, I suppose”

  1. According to my sister-in-law (a police officer who works car accidents), the second-safest place is behind the driver. So if you can’t put him back in the middle, that’s where he should be. (I am really not clear on how you choose who gets to be safer when you have two kids, but I’m ignoring that as long as I just have the one.)

  2. Ours is the same – I couldn’t figure out why her seat would wobble a bit in the middle seat, but it was because the latch system was meant for the two door seats.

    I put Kitten behind the drivers seat because you are more likely to get broadsided on the passenger side (the driver is most likely to protect him/herself and turn away from the accident, to protect their body). Plus, it’s way more convenient – no more walking around to the other side of the car to get the kid out. 🙂

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