Life is measured by details

One of the things about the separation that I haven’t totally worked out is this: I will become responsible for both daycare pick-up and drop-off.  At first I thought I could just work longer hours on Mondays and Tuesdays (Joe’s current days off, when he has Jack) but as of mid-September, Joe will have a different job and schedule that gives him Sundays and Mondays off.  In order for me to get Jack to daycare and drop him off, that means I would have to cram an extra 2 hours onto Mondays to make up for the time I’m taking off the rest of the week.  Daycare has strict hours and it takes me an hour to get to/from work.  Also, Jack is currently enrolled 3 days a week, so I HOPE that they can take him on Tuesdays.  Fingers crossed.

Somehow, I know it will work out.  Things usually do.  It’s just a bit anxiety-inducing in the mean time.

From the land of cute – last night as we were heading to bed, I told Jack to say goodnight to his grandma.  “Nigh-night, Grandma!”  Then he added,  “I love you, Grandma!”  Awwwww.  Love those unprompted expressions of emotion!

2 thoughts on “Life is measured by details”

  1. Oh, I hate the daycare drive and the mad rush to get to/from work and home and daycare. I really, really wish we could just beam ourselves all over the place, don’t you?

  2. I know exactly why this suggestion sounds like more work than it’s worth, but I wonder if you could find a new daycare (I know! GASP!! NOT ANOTHER ONE!) closer to work?

    I know you’ll figure it all out. You’re a very organized person and you’ll find just the right solution. In the meantime, I can commiserate with all this extra uncertainty.

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