The Two Year Old

I’ve been super busy.  Jack and I are moving to a new apartment on Saturday so I’ve been packing every day.  I’m almost done – the only things left are the things we use on a daily basis (which includes nearly everything Jack owns).  Jack has had a grand time playing peek-a-boo in the closet while I pack.  He keeps me busy in other ways, as well.

One of my bosses gave Jack a Melissa & Doug set of puzzles for his birthday.  Jack is obsessed with it!  We put the four puzzles together again and again every day.  Each time I fit two pieces together, he says “You did it, Mama!”  He also gives himself plenty of praise, muttering “good job” with one nod of his head as the puzzle comes together.  I suspect he doesn’t need help putting the puzzles together at this point, but he likes the company for sure.

Upon hearing, “I wanna walk!” on Sunday, Jack and I headed outdoors for a stroll around the court.  Jack saw the moon in the sky, stopped and pointed (as he often does), and said, “See half-moon, Mama?!”  He repeated this over and over again, his volume rising each time.  Suddenly he stopped shouting and said, “Wanna catch half-moon!” and jumped up with his arms in the air.  I about fell over from the cuteness!  We spent the rest of our walk attempting to jump high enough to reach the leaves on the trees.  Jack laughed every time I groaned and missed (which was every time).

One of the more irritating developments recently has been the, “Hey mama!” tossed at my direction over and over and over and over and over and over again.  I respond, “Hey, Jack!” or “What do you need, son?” and he just repeats himself again.  I can’t for the life of me figure out what the point of this game is.

Jack has also taken a liking to pretending to be scared.  I think this came out of watching too much Monsters, Inc.  With every viewing of the movie, he would visibly get sucked into the story more and began anticipating what would happen next (meanwhile, I’m in the background reciting every line in sync with the characters).  He eventually started to clap his hands to his face and say, “OH!  You scared me!”  He then improvised by hiding behind doors and jumping out at me roaring, then asking, “You scared me, mama?”  (He sometimes mixes up you and me.)

There are so many things I see every day that shows me Jack is no longer a baby.  He asks me tons of questions and has a vivid imagination (often pretends to be a dog licking or a lion biting).  He loves to help with dishes, groceries, and laundry.  He has clear preferences about the shoes he wears and the TV shows he wants to watch (usually Curious George or Super Y).  His attention span is fantastic – the other day I sat and watched him as he decided to take every single Duplo block he owns and stick them all together in a huge brick.  That’s 70 pieces or so and he put them together so that none of the pieces stuck out on the sides of the “square.”  It was like Tetris.  I was amazed that he had the patience and the forethought to fit the pieces together perfectly.  He is like a little worker bee, driven to apply a process to everything he owns using a set of invisible instructions.  Where do they get this stuff?

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  1. Wow, he sounds so big. On one hand, I’m really looking forward to this new and interesting stage, but I dread losing my baby, all at the same time.

    Good lucks with your move to the new apartment Saturday. Moving fully sucks, so I hope it goes smoothly for you and Jack.

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