Where have I been?

Yeah, sorry folks.  I’ve just been so wrapped up in my life…

Jack and I have moved to our new apartment.  Joe is staying with us currently but it looks like he may have found a place to live up in the north bay, much closer to his place of work.  He is possibly starting his move on Monday.

The landscaping at the new place is beautiful, with streams running all along the property and ducks swimming everywhere.  Jack runs to the window a million times a day to look out at the ducks.  He LOVES the ducks.

Jack has been so incredibly amazing every day.  I am so thankful that he is in my life.  His smiling face keeps me afloat.  His daycare provider said to me yesterday, “Jack is always happy!”  He is right – Jack is an incredibly happy kid and I feel lucky to know him.

My greatest joy of late has been hearing Jack mispronounce words.  My favorites are:

“Hey mama, is that what inja says?”  (ninja)
“See the ellacracker?!”  (helicopter)

He seems to be going through a major growth spurt.  He is usually a pretty sparse eater but lately he’s been gobbling everything up.  He eats a cup of cheerios before daycare, then eats a full breakfast once there (Wednesday he ate FOUR pancakes!).  When he gets home he eats two cheese sticks.  Two days ago he finished his plate of beans & couscous.  Yesterday he ate pork loin at lunch like he was starving.  What a nice change!

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