Toddler actor studio

Jack loves to pretend.  This weekend involved much pretend play and it cracked me up every time.

Dog – he purposefully spilled cheerios so that he could eat them off the floor.  He also barks and licks.

Orc, wizard- He caught a bit of Lord of the Rings this weekend and he LOVED it.  He immediately started hissing like an orc.  He then held his hand (palm out) toward the television as the army’s horses sped down the mountain.  I think he was trying to be Gandolf and helping the good army along with his powers.

Lion – This involves roaring and biting.  It is not my favorite game, as he often ends up biting my butt.

Pirate – “Yarrgh!  I’m pirate!  I’m finding treasures!”  The scrunchy face that goes along with this is funny on its own!

Fish – Laying belly-down in the bathtub, “Hey mama!  I’m a fish!  I’m swimmin’!”

Monsters under the bed – “Hey mama!  Let’s go find monsters under bed!”  He grabs my hand and drags me into his bedroom to look for monsters.  He is really hoping to find some, too.  Sometimes I can manage to throw one of his monster toys under the bed before he notices, but regardless he always claims (triumphantly) to find monsters hiding under there.

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