First Haircut

Yup, Jack finally got a haircut!  His daycare provider and I were talking yesterday about his hair because he has been increasingly irritated by hair in his eyes.  I told her I was planning on getting him a haircut, but that I had no idea where to take him to get it done.  She offered to cut it and I gave her my permission.  Then, upon arriving home, I decided I’d give it a shot myself since she had made it sound so easy.  Curious George was turned on and I got to work!  I really love his new do and it only took about 15 minutes.

I can’t believe the difference it makes.  He looks so much older (*sob*) and his head looks a lot smaller.  LOL.  It shows off his eyes so well.  He is a handsome little guy.

I saved the cute little curls in an envelope and labeled it with the date.  Someday we’ll both look back at those lovely locks and marvel at the color and texture.

6 thoughts on “First Haircut”

  1. Aww, your little man is growing up indeed. You did a great job cutting his hair! You could save quite a few bucks every month by doing it yourself.

    Oh, and his noodles/shells? Those are Charlie’s favorite too.

  2. Thanks for saving the curls. He seems happier, and I know hair grows back, but I still miss his gorgeous golden locks.

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