New Daycare

I took Jack to his new daycare yesterday and he immediately started playing and having a great time.  I stayed for about 15 minutes just to make sure all was well and then departed.  He had a fabulous day and when I picked him up he was happy as a clam.  He told his daycare provider he would see her again tomorrow and gave her a hug!  We chatted all the way home about the fun he had and his new friends Flavia and Javier.  It was really the perfect first day.

Today was a different story.  Even though he had a good night’s sleep he woke up in a snit and wouldn’t get dressed again.  It took me an hour and a half to get him ready and in the car and he was crying and throwing a fit about wanting to stay home.  I suspected today’s drop-off would be hard (since he knows what’s going on now) but this was pretty awful.  I felt terrible for him but also upset for myself because I was beyond late for work.  Jack clung to me when we arrived at daycare so of course now I am feeling awfully guilty.

I know he is fine (I have checked up on him).  He always calms down soon after I leave and the daycare transition typically takes about 2 weeks.  Until he settles in, though, I will feel like I’m abandoning my baby every day to go to a job that I don’t even like.  Alas, if only I was independently wealthy!

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