It’s potty time

Diaper struggles continue but we have had a breakthrough, I think.  Last night I took Zen Mama’s suggestion and told Jack that he had to wear his diaper or sit on the potty.  That started an hour long struggle to get him to either put on a diaper or sit on the potty…STUBBORN child!  Finally I told him that if he peed on the potty we would clap and have a party.  His face lit up and he sat right down.  Since then he hasn’t wanted to get off of the potty and he won’t stop talking about it!  I started to get a little worried when he sat on the potty after 20 minutes trying to get more urine out…I didn’t know how to explain that he was done for the time being.

I was able to get him into a diaper for bed but he took it off this morning and peed in the bed.  At least he knows the diaper comes off when he needs to use the facilities…now if I can just catch him before he pees in the bed and sit him on the toilet.

I feel like we are on potty training hyper speed!  He doesn’t want anything to do with diapers anymore.  I am not sure what to do because he won’t wear his training pants, either.  And what the heck do I do at night?  Time to get out the potty training book, I guess!

By the way, our party consisted of a blue lollipop and some brownies.  Oh, and lots of clapping and “I’m proud of you” and “You’re such a big boy!”  I should get him some balloons probably…

3 thoughts on “It’s potty time”

  1. That’s awesome, congrats!!!! I cna’t wait to get there with Charlie. She’s aware of the potty but can’t quite communicate WHEN she needs to go. She usually lets me knwo afterwards, which does no good.

    Treats is the way to go, but I read somewhere not to make a big deal out of it EVERY time, otherwise it gets to be old and too much pressure. Also, if you want to train him to poop in there, I’ve heard that giving him chocolate covered raisins is good, since it gets their bowels going a lot. At night, let him wear regular big boy underwear, but buy a wool training pants/diaper cover (just google it and you’ll find plenty) and have him wear them over. It obviously feels and looks nothing like a diaper so that might be appealing to him.

    Let me know how it goes! I’m hoping to train Charlie before the baby comes.

  2. Awesome! Sam has almost completely potty trained himself with very little work on our part – I am almost embarrassed. He still goes in his diaper if he is wearing one, so we’re nowhere near done yet. But isn’t it amazing how they just let us know when they’re ready?

  3. When Little Red announced after naptime one day that he was not going to wear diapers any more, only big boy underpants, it was still an entire week before he ever eliminated in the toilet.

    I only let him drink juice (in a juice box, not a cup!) while sitting on the toilet — apple juice seems to go through little people’s systems pretty quickly and I think it helped him learn the sensation of “about” to pee instead of “oops.” We used M&Ms as a reward; our problem was not getting him off after 20 minutes, but keeping him on long enough to be successful before he hopped off. So I set the kitchen timer and put it on the counter in front of him. If he sat for 5 minutes, he got 5 M&Ms. Worked like a charm.

    For me, when I was in the middle of potty training I couldn’t believe we would ever get to a point where we’d be over, and once we got through it I thought, “oh, that wasn’t so bad!”

    Oh, and we used “My Big Boy Potty” as our book — he still reads it now! In that book, the boy, Michael, still wears diapers at night for a while, so that helped us take care of THAT! Barnes and Noble (or any bookstore near you) will have a selection of potty training stories for kids, as you read through them you’ll know which one is the best for you!

    It sounds like you guys are off to a grand start! I hope this goes quickly and smoothly for you! Hooray!

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