Contrary Kid

Jack spent most of Saturday naked.  He refused to wear even a diaper or “big boy underwear.”  No pants, either.  I am completely out of ideas and just trying to hold onto my patience (and failing).  Getting him out of the house is pretty impossible.  In order to get him to his dad’s yesterday we distracted him with a book long enough to get his diaper and pants and socks on, then the gig was up.  I grabbed him and stole away quickly to the car to wrestle him into his carseat before he could disrobe.  He cried and fought the entire time.

I don’t have a problem with him running around naked but it would be nice to be able to leave the house.  Also we had guests over and I had to explain that Jack has decided to become a nudist and is potty training.  He is grasping the toilet idea really well and has gone pee in the potty several times, but I have cleaned up several messes of both types and his bed now stinks of pee because he keeps stripping in the middle of the night.

Any and all ideas and input are welcome.  This has been an extremely challenging time and it feels like the newborn stage in so many ways.  I feel powerless!  At the same time I am proud of Jack for deciding to grow up.  It’s just that it’s happening so quickly!

2 thoughts on “Contrary Kid”

  1. Hmmm. We have been encouraging Sam to be naked so I’m not sure I can offer advice – but he also has not had any problem with being in a diaper to go out or for bedtime. Is there something Jack likes that you can give him ONLY when he’s in a diaper? I have mixed feelings on bribery but it seems to work very nicely in the short term.

  2. For some reason small boys just love streaking. I’ve been working on this one for nearly two years now. What finally came as a break through was setting a few limits on nudity. My rules: underwear will be worn at the table, out of the house and when there’s company over. Boys who don’t follow these rules don’t get trips to the playground, cups of juice, or the chance to play with visitors. The hard part is inforcing it, but after two years of reminders I’ve finally gotten cooperation on this much and other than that I let him streak to his heart’s content (and let the house get a little cool to encourage clothing…).

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