Machines and tools

Jack is obsessed with vehicles.  Cars are cool, but garbage and fire trucks are higher on the list.  Then trains and airplanes.  Rockets are number one, though.  Everything is a rocket – a toilet paper roll, a pen, a screwdriver, his elbow…he spits all over the place pretending to be a rocket launching.  He watches video after video of rocket launches on youtube (“no, not that one, I want to watch that one!”).  He builds rockets out of duplos (using palm trees for the “fire”) and stacks magnets on the refrigerator in the shape of a rocket.  OBSESSED.

He also loves tools.  We’ve had lots of home improvement projects going on around the house and he snags every stray screwdriver or wrench that he can get his hands on.  Screwdrivers become rockets and wrenches are dinosaurs.  He fixes things “because it’s broken and I need to fix it!”

We can’t forget robots.  We watched a bit of Star Wars this weekend and he was highly interested in C3PO and R2D2 (for a good 10 minutes anyway).  By the way, it’s a little known fact but if you put a sticker on your chest you become a robot.

I sewed curtains this weekend and Jack watched the sewing machine almost the entire time.  When I was working on the last panel of the day he demanded to sit on my lap and help.  I hefted him up and held his hand while we guided the fabric under the foot and needle.  “I sewed!” he proclaimed when we were done.  He beamed with pride.

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