Multiple personalities

A lot of parents worry that their children won’t do XYZ when they go to daycare because of how they do things at home.  I’ve heard (and sometimes shared) concerns about sleeping and eating habits.  But here is the reality: kids are better behaved at daycare.  I don’t know if it’s the herd mentality or the fact that at home he feels the need to assert his independence, but it’s pretty amazing the things Jack will do at daycare without any fuss at all.

  • At home Jack runs from me when it’s diaper changing time, but at daycare he will lay down when the other kids are getting diapers changed and demand that his be changed, as well, wet or not!
  • Jack fights sleep at home (unless he is *really* tired) and has very strict policies about being in his bed with only a sheet covering him.  Also, Mom must lay down with him and we can’t forget to read at least three books.  At daycare, he will ask to take a nap and lay down on the floor with toys clutched to his chest.  He rarely sleeps less than 2 hours and no snuggling or reading is necessary.
  • Many a day Jack has bemoaned going to daycare, claiming that he does not want to see his friends, and then when we get there he lights up and runs off to play without giving me a second thought.
  • Shoes are always a struggle.  You may all remember that I had to buy the same exact style of See Kai Run shoes in the next size up and hide the fact that they were new from Jack.  I have many other pairs of shoes for Jack, as well, which he will not wear at home but will wear at daycare.
  • Jack favors cucumbers and apples and cheese at home.  At daycare he prefers corn and carrots and pasta.
  • When I dance or sing at home he tells me to stop with a glare.  At daycare he is the star of the dancing/singing show!

What can you add?

2 thoughts on “Multiple personalities”

  1. at daycare, Bug falls asleep with a backrub and some snuggling. at home, it requires tweny minutes of shusshing, bouncing, and complete quiet in the house.

    this is relatively new development, though. wonder if its:
    1) 18 mo sleep regression coming early
    2) her desire to maximize time with mom and dad during the weekends
    3) her evil plan to make mom and dad cry uncle before age 2.

  2. Then consider how differently he behaves in this household – tells me when to change his diaper, crazy long naps, no pattern to eating whatsoever. So weird.

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