Product Review: Ecostore USA Bath Products

I recently got a chance to try some new-to-the-US bath products and wanted to share my thoughts here for anyone else looking for something eco-friendly, animal-friendly, and chemical-free.  Ecostore USA makes bath and body products for babies, adults, and pets, as well as household cleaning agents.  They got their start in New Zealand 20 years ago and are now entering the US market through internet orders and Meijer stores.

For Jack I got the Baby Shampoo and Baby Body Wash.  I’ve been searching for some bath products that would work with his dry, sensitive skin.  Even at almost 3 he still has issues with “cradle cap.”  Luckily he has a ton of hair to cover it up but we have tried Johnson & Johnson, Method, and DHC products and none of them has made an impact on his scalp.  We tried the Ecostore baby shampoo this weekend and I totally fell in love.  It was extremely easy to rinse out (which is awesome because Jack has absolutely no patience for having his head rinsed) because it it not overly sudsy and sticky.  His fine hair was soft and shiny when it dried and there was a huge improvement in the dryness of his scalp.

I also got the Manuka Sandalwood Shampoo, which is marketed as helpful for dry, flakey scalps.  David and I both have dry skin issues and have difficulty finding products that don’t strip our natural oils or cause the opposite problem – greasy hair – so in my neverending pursuit to find a product that is just right, I decided to try this one.  Again, I totally love this product.  It doesn’t dry out my hair or cause crazy amounts of frizz (yet there is still body!) after using the shampoo.  The smell is divine and great for both genders.  I like the fact that a little bit goes a long way and the shampoo suds up, unlike some other organic products that I have used.  Even with the suds, it is not difficult to rinse out.

And now it’s contest time!  If you would like to win a $25 gift certificate to the Ecostore website, please leave a comment by Friday, April 17, and I will pick a name at random!

Also of note: Ecostore is offering free shipping on all orders over $25 for the month of April in celebration of earth month.

10 thoughts on “Product Review: Ecostore USA Bath Products”

  1. Is there a good conditioner? We’re always looking for good conditioners that aren’t too heavily scented – I’ve been using the Brilliantly Blonde stuff on Boogermonkey’s curly wacky hair, but Mr. Pants says it’s too smelly, whatever that means.

  2. oh wow those sound wonderful. N still has some cradle cap good times. I have noticed that his poor skin is like mine. So I have to be careful what we use on him. I would love to try this even if I don’t win.

  3. I want to try their soaps SO stinkin’ badly! Honestly, I would buy each of the bars of soap (except the baby one becuase, uhmhai no baby here) and then get to find something else if I were to win! That would be super cool – I love soap.

    And Mrs. Pants? Mr. Pants thinks BB is too smelly? Well when I see him on Friday night I’ll tell him *he’s* too smelly. (Boys are weird.)

  4. I’m in! You sold me at “…Jack can’t stand to get his head rinsed…”. Nowadays, Charlie loathes taking baths for that very same reason and unfortunately, I can’t just not give her baths and let her stink. Why are most shampoos out there so hard to rinse out?


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