I was having issues trying to get Jack to go to sleep.  We would read our bedtime stories (three books usually) and lay down and snuggle and then he would climb all over me or kick me or hit me or whatever until either he fell asleep or I lost patience completely.  A few nights ago, after about an hour of trying to get him to go to sleep, he decided to up the ante and started stripping…I left the room and hid in the dark dining room, head in my hands, shaking with anger while listening to Jack yell for me.  David stepped in and distracted Jack, diapered and clothed him, and got him in bed.  Jack asked for me so he told him to wait there and he would get mama, then he walked out.

Here’s the unbelievable part – Jack fell asleep almost immediately.  I didn’t go into the room.  Yesterday was a similar situation – after an hour of trying to get him to sleep and fed up with being treated as a bounce house, I left the room and grudgingly asked David for help (yeah…it’s hard for me to ask for help).  He repeated his previous experiment – went in and got Jack to lay down, told him to wait for mama and walked out, closing the door behind him – and Jack fell asleep without a peep.

Tonight we changed it up.  I gave in to the awesomeness that is ‘David the natural step-parent’ and on his suggestion, I read to Jack and got him to lay down, told him I’d be back in a bit and to wait for me, then left the room.  I fluttered around outside the door for a bit waiting for him to call or cry.  I didn’t even hear a peep.  He fell asleep without making a sound.  When I looked at David he had a huge grin on his face and I guarantee he was thinking, “Yeah, I am so rocking this step parenting thing!”

I’m in awe of both the males in my house.

4 thoughts on “Unbelievable!”

  1. Every time your write about David I’M in awe. Girlfriend, you have a serious keeper.

    Charlie went through that EXACT phase about two months ago. I did the exact same thing as you did (can’t remember how I’ve figured it out) and now she knows what’s up: We lay down, read one book, kiss each other, say goodnight, turn off lights and sleep. Occasionally, she’ll whine for a couple of minutes but ends up falling asleep, and I think it’s just her way of getting comfortable and settling down.

    I guess kids just like simplicity. The more we act like we’re walking on eggshells around them the more nervous they get and act up. I still have a lot to learn…. I’m curious to see how Davey is when he makes his debut.

  2. 🙂

    We also do the “Mummy/Daddy will be up in a minute and you need to stay in bed and wait.” Little Red stays awake, but he also stays in bed.

  3. I also have to leave the room now before he’ll fall asleep, though I don’t get all the drama and fight that you do. We read a few books to mellow and lie down with the light off. When I get up, he says, “But we need to lay down!” and I just let him know he’ll be okay and go to my room. It seems like he needs to fall asleep on his own suddenly.

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