I have a new title.  Not only am I a divorced, working, blogging mother but I am also now a student.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve added on another job title at work, which means I’m working two jobs in my 40 hour work week.  I decided it was time to make some changes and, well, I tend to do these things all at once.  I’m impatient like that.

I’m getting my degree through the University of Phoenix.  They have a program that works for people who can’t afford to leave their jobs to go to school and have very little time to actually attend school in a classroom.  (Also, I detest the classroom.  I am terrible at following along with lectures.)  The program is entirely online and so far it’s working out pretty well for me.  The best part is that my employer will reimburse me for about 75% of the costs!

I haven’t taken any classes in about six years, so this is a bit of a transition for me.  Still, I’m settling in and so far school work is not interfering with my home life much other than making me a little extra tired.  I’m thankful that Jack is fairly low maintenance at this age (at least compared to the baby days) and generally allows me a decent night’s sleep, otherwise I doubt I could do this.  There is still some worry that I may be putting my own needs ahead of my son’s, but I also know that my education can have a very positive impact on Jack, as well.  I am hoping the good influence outweighs the small amount of time school takes away from my time with Jack.

7 thoughts on “Titles”

  1. Good luck! Study hard! (What are you studying, anyway?) That is so fantastic that your employer is sponsoring 75% of the tuition! how dreamy …

    (come back to this comment on the day your feel you can’t, they’ll come, but they shouldn’t stay.)

  2. way to go!

    sometime you have to put your own needs ahead of your child’s. you can’t help him be the best Jack unless you are the best YOU.

  3. I too wrestle with the struggles of balancing work, school, and being a mom. I have been working full time since my 2 year old was born and taking several credits every term. My husband agrees to help out and then when we are mid-term, he complains about all he has to do. Is my own happiness worth the stress on the marriage? There is just no making everyone happy.

    This fall I plan to cut my work schedule to half time, start nursing school, and pop out kid 2 over winter break and start back in classes in January. Will it work? Will we still be able to pay our mortgage? I have no idea, but I predict if I keep my job and wait for the kids to start school before doing this for myself, I might just go crazy and then what good would I be to anyone? It’s all a balancing act – and a very delicate one at that!

    I applaud your efforts and know this can be done. More power to you!

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