The Boss Man

Jack has been very good at telling me how to parent him lately.  I know that may make me sound lazy but I call it efficiency.  If he tells me exactly what to do, then I can do it right…right?  😉

I’ve made breakfast the last three mornings prior to taking Jack to daycare.  Tuition includes breakfast and lunch but the little dictator in my house demanded eggs on Monday and a PB&J sandwich on Tuesday.  PB&J for breakfast is weird but that is what the conductors on Curious George were eating, so he suddenly HAD to have it.  Today he woke up and told me he was hungry so I made him oatmeal.  He ate the whole bowl and then said he wanted more.  If I wasn’t so amazed at being a parent who cooks breakfast in the morning, I’d be blow away by how much that little guy eats.

Up until recently, Jack hated baths.  It didn’t much bother me because he’s not the type of kid to cavort in the mud and he absolutely detests dirty hands.  This week, however, he has announced each night that he is ready for a bath.  “I am gonna take a bath and then we’ll read books!”  (Reading books is our bedtime signal.  We read books and then it’s lights out.)  I have no idea what caused this change but the bedtime routine has gotten even smoother, so I’m all for it.

I’m a tad embarrassed to state that he knows how to turn the television off after a movie is over and wiggle the mouse on my computer when it tries to go to sleep.  Now if only I could get Jack to dress himself and use the toilet consistently, I’d be set with my self-sufficient kid.

One thought on “The Boss Man”

  1. “preschooler”

    He’s not that old yet. Nope. I’m not letting that happen. He’ll be my edible 3-year-old adventure-having monkey-lovin’ boy forevvvvvvvvver! ‘Cept one day I hope he pees regularly in the potty for you. 🙂

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