Jack is growing like crazy!  I put him in his carseat earlier this week and realized I need to move the harness up again.  This happened to be the same day I sent him to daycare wearing highwater pants.  He has a few pairs of pants that have a button on the leg to extend the length as the kid grows but I need to get some more apparently.  Now might be a good time to buy stock in kid’s clothing companies, I think…my top choice right now is The Children’s Place because they constantly have sales.  I hate spending money on clothes that won’t get worn more than 6 months.

And shoes!  Jack is extremely picky about the shoes he will wear.  He has consented to wear pairs other than the red & brown See Kai Run shoes with which I previous had to pull a bait and switch.  He absolutely will not wear any other brand of shoe anymore.  He has one pair of SKR sandals that his Aunt Holly bought him for his birthday last month and that’s it.  See Kai Run shoes are $30-45 a pair, which is how much I grudgingly spend on my own shoes!  He used to like his Livie & Luca elephant shoes but they were not super durable, especially for the price.  I’m thinking that it’s possible he would go for something similar like Komfort Kidz, which are a ton cheaper.  I dunno.  Suggestions (for a wide-footed kid)?

This has all made me quite terrified of his school days.  I am NOT looking forward to the craziness that is back to school shopping…

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