He may not be crying, but I am

I’m completely at a loss with the potty training.  Jack uses the toilet (both the regular one and the mini) at daycare with very few issues (probably due to the herd mentality), but still will not use the potty at home.  We’ve tried various types of training pants, including the pull-ups that turn cold when the kid pees.  I did not get a second pack of those because they seem like torture.  I thought maybe a couple times of peeing in them would encourage him to use the potty but nope – he just complains about the pull-ups.

I’ve maintained a pressure-free stance on potty-training.  I’ve tried to let him know ahead of time that I’ll be taking him to use the potty “in a while.”  I’ve put him in big boy underwear and said that Buzz Lightyear would not want to be peed on, and asked that he let me know when he needs to go.  Unfortunately what follows is a BIG MESS.  The kid will sit in wet underwear without an issue!

I finally picked up No Cry Potty Training Solution and read the suggestion that I take away the idea that using the potty is an option rather than a fact.  So then I tried to matter-of-factly announce that it was time to use the potty.  He absolutely did not go for that.  He threw a fit.  I pulled down his pants and he ran.

So, I quit.  I’m not sure if there is anything left to try.  I may take a weekend and let him run naked but I’m pretty sure that will result in me cleaning up messes all day long.

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  1. I don’t think I can in fairness call myself any sort of expert, since Sam toilet trained himself with almost no help from me, but here are the few things I do know:

    1. Disposable pull-ups are a total waste of money. They are just diapers that cost more and are harder to remove.

    2. Naked time is the only way I know of to get a kid in tune with his bodily functions. Again, I know Sam is pretty exceptional in this department, but after peeing on himself once or twice he started asking for the potty. Sam with poop, a few weeks later.

    3. He’ll do it when he’s ready.

    4. A LOT of kids will use the potty at daycare and not at home. So what he’s doing is totally normal, if insanely frustrating.

    Now what I want to know is where you got Buzz Lightyear underwear!
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  2. I feel your pain.

    Really I do. I really really really do. I waited and waited for this stuff to sink in with her and for her to want to do it herself and all the signs were there for her to do it and she seemed to catch on and then…it seemed like she had it and then she backtracked dramatically into hating everything potty at all (without any pressure on our parts). She didn’t care if she peed on herself or anything. Just didn’t “want” to go. It finally came time for us to step in so we did.

    It’s been a long month in my household since I started making the potty an issue. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – she even napped in Elmo underwear today.

    I got the girl version of these to start us off –


    Basically just like boxers but thicker so they catch more pee. Alone, they make a mess, not nearly as bad as real underwear though and they have vinyl covers that can go over them that will protect your floors and furniture. I found that the concept that they were underwear and not a diaper sunk in when I started using these as opposed to those damned pull ups.

    And where did you get the Buzz pants? Because the only ones I could find were in a 5 pack with other pixar characters she could care less about.

    But mainly yes, I know how you feel. And I about quit 20 million times the past month but like I said, she’s there. She’s even spending most of the day telling me she has to go now instead of me reminding her to go.

    I’m with you in spirit. Just remember he’ll get there some day. He won’t go to college in pull ups.
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    1. I forgot to mention in my post that we use Imse Vimse trainers, too. He could care less! Naked time is our only option, I think. My only frustration is that he uses the potty at daycare and not here except for the two days in the beginning when he announced he wanted to use it.

  3. I know girls are a lot different than boys, but we use cloth diapers and have had a lot of success. From birth until present, my 2 year old has been in fuzzi bunz. She is partially trained now; if she is naked we don’t have accidents but she doesn’t always tell me she needs to go when in a diaper. In the next month or so we will move to potty training pants. My favorites (from my older daughter) are snap ez. The new ones look even better than the ones I used 4 years ago! http://www.snap-ez.com/CartECOTrainers.html I liked another brand too, but they no longer make them. The good thing is that you can buy just a few, wash them, spend no more money, and sell them when you are done!

  4. Hi Kelsi. We use cloth, too. I should have mentioned that! He seriously doesn’t care if he sits in a wet diaper, cloth or disposable. I have Imse Vimse training pants and he could care less about ’em…

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