Peals of laughter

Six weeks ago we bought balloons for Jack’s birthday party.  Surprisingly, they have proved to be a fantastic investment.  One of the helium balloons has rallied and is even now standing tall in the dining room.  We are keeping an eye on it to see just how long it lasts.  These are the types of things a person does for entertainment during a recession, y’all.

We also have some regular balloons and about half of them are still inflated.  Tonight Jack decided to go nuts with them.  He called them his ninja balloons and insisted that David participate in a ninja fight with him.  For a good HOUR he giggled his head off while they battled with the balloons.  All I had to do was sit there and tickle his neck every now and then while making a weird sound (that’s how I do ninja, yo) and he would dissolve into giggles again.

I love nights like this, when the entertainment is a simple matter of goofing around for a while.  I love the sound of Jack’s laughter and I can’t help but grin when I hear it.  No matter what has happened during the day, that carefree kid always manages to cheer me up.

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