Kids These Days

I miss Jack.  He was supposed to come home on Sunday but on Saturday I came down with some illness.  I asked Joe to keep him so that if I was coming down with the flu (which is what a few friends have had this past week), Jack wouldn’t get it.  Jack being sick, especially while I’m sick, would suuuuck.

I made it to the Outside Lands concert on Saturday (got free tickets) but we went late and left early.  I skipped it yesterday and ended up sleeping most of the day.  I managed to wash diapers and make banana bread, but that wore me out.  I got to talk to Jack in the evening and that brightened my mood considerably.  He is getting so good at talking on the phone!  He tried to tell me about his stuffed doggie Howie and then he said, “But you can’t see him!”  We said we miss and love each other and then hung up.

Funny thing is that Jack totally knows how to hang up a cell phone now; he learned how to do it because he talks to his dad almost every night he’s not with him.  Rather that sit and supervise his conversation, I taught him how to hang up when he’s done so that I could use the time to get things done around the house. Hmmm, this gives me an idea!  Perhaps I should set up the voice activated dialing for Jack so that he can call whomever he wants.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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