Back in May David and I took a trip to Portland.  I have friends and family up there that I’ve been meaning to visit for years and I was finally able to schedule a trip.  We got to see Sarahndipitea and MamaGonzo, as well as Sara D. and my cousin Heather.  It was a blast and a half, for sure!

Sara D, Ewokmama, Mrs.Gonzo, Sarahndipitea
Sara D, Ewokmama, Mrs.Gonzo, Sarahndipitea

Jack did not come with us (he was in Wisconsin acting as ring bearer for a wedding) but he was there in spirit.  David, Sarah, MamaGonzo, Sara and I went to the tattoo/piercing shop to get various body adornments and this is what I got:

(c) 2009 ReeDesign Photography
(c) 2009 ReeDesign Photography

This was my first (maybe only?) tattoo.  Holy crap, did that sucker hurt!  Word to the wise – stay away from tendons.  Also, make sure someone is available to take you out to get a few mojitos afterward.  They work wonders!

I had always wanted a tattoo but for years couldn’t decide what I wanted to get.  If it was going to be on me permanently, I wanted it to mean something.  I was also terrified that the artist would screw up because I’m a giant perfectionist.  (Of course, it’s BODY art, so there is no perfection, I later learned.)  I don’t recall when the idea to get jacks on my wrist popped into my head but it was some time after Jack was born.  I discovered a few years ago that I love many things retro, so I put kid+retro together and that’s what I came up – something that was totally my style and meant a whole hell of a lot to me.  I totally love it.

Jack doesn’t know what to think about it.  He likes to look at it and touch it but often tells me he doesn’t want a tattoo.  That’s fine with me.  I just like the fact that wherever I go, I will always have a visual reminder of my boy with me.

What about you?  Do you have a tattoo (or a few)?  What meaning does it hold for you?

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  1. i love the idea of jacks as a tattoo. i grew up in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s and spent many an afternoon playing jacks with my best friend. i have a tattoo as well and got it on my 40th birthday–a sun with a face that’s the size of a half dollar. it’s my only tattoo and now that i’m 55, i still love it! i am also a single mom for the past 16 years and my sons are 22 & 20. now i’m dealing with them leaving the nest–it’s a toughie.

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