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There are so many things I want to do with Jack this year!  I’m not sure that I can even keep track but I’m going to try.  If we can’t get to them this year, it’s not a big deal, but I’m hoping to cross at least one of these off the list!

  • Discovery Kingdom – this is an amusement park in Vallejo and they have a TON of kiddie rides.  I haven’t been to an amusement park in a looooong time and I know Jack would totally dig it.  David and I are trying to arrange to go with at least one other adult so that we can ride some of the adult rides, too.
  • Nutcracker Ballet – I absolutely love the Nutcracker.  My grandmother used to take me as a kid and I just thought it was magical.  I totally want to share this experience with Jack and since the SF Ballet has special family nights, I think we can pull it off this year.
  • The Labyrinth – I’m hesitant on this one right now because it (and by it I mean David Bowie) might be a little too freaky for him.  On the other hand, he might totally dig it.  Any experience with this one out there?
  • Board Games – I am a serious board game fanatic.  Jack knows it and wants to play with the games, but so far all we’ve done is used the deck of Target cards as flashcards.  We have Chutes and Ladders, but all he wants to do with that is send his dude down the slide over and over (yet he still wins).  Suggestions?
  • Trick-or-treating – We haven’t yet done the trick-or-treating thing, mostly because I figured a party was just as fun for Jack and didn’t want to deal with a struggle over candy.  I think this may just be the year we start.  I plan to take things slow by just going to a few houses and then going to an event or something.

What’s on your Adventure To Do List?

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  1. We haven’t watched Labyrinth but we’ve watched lots of ‘scary’ movies with little to no adverse affect. How has Jack reacted to other movies? Don’t base your decision on your idea of scary but on his.
    .-= Annika´s last blog ..WHINE. =-.

    1. We watched some Star Wars with Jack and he ended up having nightmares so I’m leary now. He also randomly became afraid of Trogdor and spiders and I can’t even remember what else. He has SUCH a crazy imaginzation – he watched Robots tonight and got scared of the main menu because he worried the fire was going to come out of the television and burn his dinner. 😛 I guess that is my answer!

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