A New Take on an Old Obsession

Jack was asking me where his “little blue bug” was the other night and I had no freaking clue what he was talking about.  To distract him, I pulled one of his monsters (aka Poe from Ugly Dolls) out of his toy bin and handed it to him.  He gasped as if he were coming face to face with his long lost best friend! (At first he said Poe was an alien but then we decided it was a bat, or maybe an alien bat.) I also brought out Wedgehead because it was apparent that the monster obsession was going to be starting again. The two monsters slept with him that night and protected him from…uh, monsters, I guess.

Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare, Jack’s provider told me that Jack had insisted upon being called Batman all day. He would not go to the table for lunch unless he was called Batman. And his bat, who he has named Sharp, accompanied him everywhere.

Today is a bit overcast so I asked Jack if he would like to wear a hooded sweatshirt. He was not going for it at all so I told him, hey, guess what! Batman wears sweatshirts and suddenly he couldn’t get his arms in that hoodie fast enough. Once the hoodie was on, Jack realized the great possibilities that it opened up for him. We slid the hood on his head and suddenly Batman had his cape.

Now if I could convince him that Batman doesn’t wear diapers and only uses the potty…

One thought on “A New Take on an Old Obsession”

  1. OMG…that’s too cute! I remember doing the same thing with my boys “Superman can ride a bike on his own”…well that was until, ilke Superman, Daniel flew off the handlebars and was airborn for a few moments before crashing into the garage door. That ended the Superhero phase for him!!

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