This economy is rough.  (There’s a statement for the obvious!)  David is out of work and in school to beef up his resume.  I have a multitude of friends who are out of work due to downsizing, acquisitions, layoffs, wrongful termination, etc.  Everyone who hates their job is pretty much stuck because they are lucky to even have employment.

So you can imagine my trepidation when a few weeks ago I found out that one of my managers is transfering out of the department, one is leaving the company, and everyone else in the department would be reorged.  Also?  My job doesn’t exist without at least one of those managers.  All communication regarding what was to be done with me was labeled TBD.

This has never happened to me.  I am the breadwinner in the family and have been as long as I’ve been working.  I’ve provided either financial support or a place to stay for various family members and friends while they got going in school or moved to the area.  I’m very good at making myself indispensable wherever I am working.  I am pretty much willing to take on any task and put my full energy into getting that task complete, which makes me a good employee to keep around.  With David out of work and in school, and Joe’s ranger job up in the air (he is seasonal and they are always cutting park funds), it was just NOT an option for me to go jobless.

I got seriously worried about providing for Jack and within an hour of hearing the word “reorg” I spiffed up my resume and applied for two jobs.  In addition I wrote to an executive at work and asked him to please take a look at my resume and see if there is a place in his department where my skills might be a good fit.  I contacted every recruiter I’ve ever spoken to (and got an interview), and I spread the word amongst my friends to keep an ear out for any openings.  I was motivated.

Most of the time I work and I pay the bills and just assume that things will keep running relatively smoothly because they always have.  This was downright scary, though.  It’s difficult feeling all responsible, difficult feeling like you’re the one holding things together.  I’m glad I don’t have to think about this on a regular basis.  I’m also glad that in a time like this I found that I am surrounded by people who are rooting for me.  I have support all around me.

Luckily it has all worked out just fine.  The executive I emailed does indeed have a position for me and it turns out to be a really good fit.  I won’t be out of work for even a little bit.  Jack can continue going to his awesome daycare/preschool hybrid place.  David and I can both continue going to school.  Life can continue on as normal.  And next time?  Next time will be just a little less scary because I’ll know that I’m not alone and that I can find opportunities where none seem to exist if I have the motivation.

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