Family Fun

We were successful in getting out of the house this weekend!  Yay!  David made us french toast for breakfast Saturday and then we headed to Golden Gate Park to visit the Cal Academy of Sciences.  I was really hoping that there would be some sort of planetarium experience for Jack but the age requirement is over 7.  The academy had a mini planetarium but that scared the crap out of Jack – I coaxed him into the tent and then he immediately demanded to get out before the show even began.  Luckily he enjoyed looking at pictures of nebulas and galaxies on the walls.  Additionally we got to go up to the roof and look at telescopes and a 3D picture of the sun and Jack got a kick out of that.

The academy was crowded.  I found out after the fact that it was the one year anniversary of the building.  Jack was running all over the place because he had been to the academy before, so it was a tad difficult to keep track of him.  Right about when David and I were thinking we were done with the whole thing (and Jack was thinking he had just gotten started) the fire alarm went off and the whole place was evacuated!  Jack commenced melting down but was too tired from all the running around to really fight – instead he adorably curled up in David’s arms and whined.  At home, ice cream made it all better.

Yesterday Jack and I drove out to Richmond to see his aunt, uncle, and cousin.  We walked to the park and spent about 15 minutes there before a dirty diaper sent us home (of course the walk was longer than the actual visit!).  After cleaning that up, we had pizza and then the kids played together while the adults got to relax.  This was one of the first times I’ve been over there when Jack and Isha actually played together (Isha is not yet 2).  The two of them spent the majority of the time jumping on the bed.  I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see Jack playing with his cousin!  My cousins and I were close growing up and it’s something that I have wanted for Jack.  I’m absolutely delighted that he has this opportunity.

It was a fulfilling family weekend.  Even with the heat and the evacuation of the museum, I rather enjoyed myself!

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