Proving Superstition Wrong

I have submitted my divorce paperwork three times.  THREE TIMES YOU GUYS.  Rejected every time.  And you know what?  I hired a service to put the forms together in the first place.  Shelled out a few hundred dollars and I am still (STILL) trying to finalize my divorce 10 months later.  That is more than one month for every year (9) of marriage.  Gah!!!

I’m beyond frustrated and just upset in general with the state of California.  I am upset with the agency I hired, as well, but really I think it is California’s fault for making us folk fill out five million forms for the same fucking thing.  WHY is it so hard to get this done when both parties agree on everything?!?!?!

The only thing I can be glad about is…maybe I’m getting closer to getting the right shit submitted?  I don’t know really but I am trying to make myself feel better with that thought.  Otherwise I will absolutely decide that marriage is not worth the entrapment.  After all, I think it’s more powerful if you can leave a marriage at any time but choose to stay rather than stay because there is too much paperwork to deal with if you leave!!!!

3 thoughts on “Proving Superstition Wrong”

  1. Do you mind my asking what service you used? My estranged husband is using a service and he keeps coming back with these odd things that I know can’t be right. He’s using legalzoom.

    1. I’m using DivorceWriter. I have actually heard good things about LegalZoom (a friend used them) but I was under the impression they could not accommodate divorces where children are involved.

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