Ah, to be three

I found some Buzz Lightyear pajamas on sale at JCP last week and promptly placed my order.  When Jack came home from his dad’s yesterday and saw them, he immediately decided he MUST wear them (along with David’s bike helmet).  Then of course he had to watch Toy Story…

Today he demanded to wear a robot shirt.  The problem is that he has no robot shirt (I know – awful, huh?).  We compromised and I let him wear his Buzz Lightyear PJ shirt, but insisted that he wear non-pajama pants.  I also managed to switch the bike helmet for a pea pod (made by Mrs. Gonzo!) hat by telling him it matches his shirt so well…I admit it cracks me up to take him out of the house this way!

Come in, Star Command!
Come in, Star Command!

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