Oh, I See

It crossed my mind that Jack might be coming down with some sort of illness and that might be the reason for the daycare drop-off drama, but I try to avoid being a hypochondriac.  He didn’t have a fever and while he was clingy, he wasn’t crying or acting completely abnormal.  So the phase thing made sense.

A bump in his diaper area this morning caught my eye, but I figured it was irritation of some sort.  When I saw a second bump this evening I started to worry.  The bumps were strange, like little clear bubbles.  I couldn’t recall ever seeing anything like that, so I decided to turn to Dr. Google.  It didn’t take me long to find out exactly what the heck Jack’s bumps were.

Jack hachickenpox3s chicken pox.  As soon as I found the picture, I went back to examine his skin more closely, and I found some more.  I found a bump on his scalp and red spots on his neck.  I recalled that he had said a couple times that “something is hurting me” earlier in the evening, but a three year old isn’t all that reliable on these types of things…I just thought he was cranky from the lack of nap today.  Don’t I feel stupid!

So, this is a big bummer for a bunch of reasons.  First, it sucks being sick.  Second, the chicken pox are freaking miserable in my experience.  Third, well…this is going to sound funny…  It looks like we’re going to have to skip seeing Disney Princess on Ice next Wednesday.  Jack was really, really looking forward to going and has talked about it just about every day.  I am crossing my fingers for an amazingly quick recovery.  I don’t want to break the little guy’s heart.

Oh and in case you are wondering, we (obviously) did not get the varicella vaccine.  Since Jack’s cousin came down with a case of shingles after receiving the vaccine, we had a hard time trusting it and elected out.  We figured we’d wait it out and see if Jack contracted the illness organically before it was time to go to school.  Et voila!

On the bright side, I won’t have to worry about daycare drop-off for a bit.  Additionally, Jack fell asleep within about 10 minutes of shutting off the lights tonight and before 8:30.  So, uh, anybody wanna come over for a chicken pox party?

6 thoughts on “Oh, I See”

  1. Poor guy! I was tempted not to do the vaccine, but I decided to do it while at the drs. My main reasoning was that I got the chicken pox twice– once in elementary school and once in high school, and I was miserable in high school, and I didn’t want Corey to not get exposed until he was older and be miserable like me.

  2. Poor little guy! When I was 11 my sisters, my mom and I all got chicken pox over Christmas. Samantha acted the same way before everyone realized that she was sick. I hope you and David have had it already.

  3. Damn it! I’m going to need a pox party next year. Sam got it naturally at nearly six months and it was ideal because he couldn’t scratch. I’m worried about Otter getting it because there are fewer and fewer places to get exposed.

    By the way, we found oatmeal baths to be a LIFESAVER. Poor Jack–I wish we lived closer so the boys could play together, since Sam is already immune.
    .-= Annika´s last blog ..Wii Fit Thinks I’m Fat =-.

  4. Now if only I could find a connection between you and my friends down here — we’ve got a 3-year old friend with chicken pox! (He DID get the vaccine.) Fortunately, Logan has a very mild case (only 11 pox by his mother’s last count) and should be back at the park with us after only about 8 days of quarantine.

    If I didn’t babysit a boy whose mother would certainly not appreciate him getting sick, I’d have spent every afternoon this week over at their place for the chicken pox party. Better now than any time in the future!!!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Hand-Me-Down Halloween =-.

  5. Hi,
    I was googling blisters as my three year old has several that look exactly like the one in your picture. Was wondering if they ever turned into full blown chicken pox? I was originally thinking it was just a heat rash from his nighttime diaper.
    I wasn’t sure how to see your next few posts since this was so long ago.
    Thank you!

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